My wife and I got into a deep discussion recently. We were talking about bills and the things that we have gained since we've been together -- mainly children.

We also chatted about what we are still paying on. My truck is a great example that will be paid on for awhile.

This conversation eventually turned into a question. If I could have a brand new truck but have the huge payment or the older beat down but paid off truck, which would I choose?

This is actually a much bigger question than I would think.

I would love to be payment-free and just be able to cruise around in my completely-owned, title-clear pickup. There are some really cool older trucks that I like a lot and being able to take some time with the kids fixing one up would be very cool.

On the other hand, having a brand new truck with all the amenities would be super nice. I really like all the bells and whistles, but having that payment is really hard to swallow.

I know what I have to do and that is to keep pushing forward like I always do.

What would you do given the choice to have brand new with big payment or old and worn down but paid off?

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