This Saturday I hit the jackpot! I stopped at the St. Vincent De Paul Thrift Store on Montana Ave. for the 2nd time and found 3 of the Drexel Declaration chairs like the one you see above. Unlike many antique wooden dining chairs this has the signature mid century lines and the funky spindles that are very uncommon in this kind of chair. As I always do when I find something I think may be of value I flip it upside down to see if there is a maker mark on it and was very excited to see it was made by Drexel... one of the major manufacturers of mid century modern furniture in the 50's and 60's.

So I looked up these chairs and I saw on a site called "Chairish" that someone was selling 4 of these for $1000. I saw a set of 6 with a dining table for $3200 and saw another site where someone had 4 chairs and a table for $1895. In Billings that might be a little rich for some people but suffice it to say that since I paid $5 for each of the 3 chairs I'll make a handsome profit.

I live down the street from this thrift shop so I carried 2 of the chairs home and when I went back for the 3rd one of the managers there told me there was a table that went with these chairs. They sold it to me for $20... SCORE!

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