Usually when I hit the thrift stores here in Billings I'm looking for Mid Century Modern furniture and accessories. I love the Mad Men look and while I do buy and sell I figure if I get stuck with what I buy then it's something I'll still enjoy. This time however I found something unusual... it's a vintage 1971 ABA basketball lamp.

I don't expect my wife will let me make this a feature of our living room but it will look good in my man cave. Of course, if you're like me your "Man Cave" turns into the "family cave" because my daughter goes in there to watch TV when the TV in the living room is playing something she doesn't want to watch and my wife violates the sacred borders of the man cave to use our only desktop computer rather than her laptop or tablet. I think they do it just to irritate me. Soon my ultra cool piece of sports history will probably get banished to the garage because my wife won't want it in "the house" even though the man cave is supposed to be my domain.

Very emasculating.

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