Tim Tebow has led an incredible life, not only on the football field, but off the football field as well. He is known as not just a great athlete, but as a strong man of faith.

I think you can thank mom for that one.

Some of you may recall that when Tim Tebow's career really started taking off, he wasn't afraid to share his story. When he was just a baby, his mom's doctor told her that she should have an abortion. Pam Tebow refused:

When their youngest son, Tim, won the Heisman Trophy, Pam was featured in national media for her decision to choose life for Tim against a doctor’s advice. Their story has been highlighted on Good Morning America, on ESPN, and in a 2010 Super Bowl commercial celebrating family and life.

Pam Tebow has a remarkable story, and you'll get the chance to hear part of her story firsthand later this month. She is headlining a fundraiser for programs that help young pregnant women in the Gallatin Valley.

ZoeCare and St. Catherine are merging to broaden our reach and impact on the lives of the pre-born and families in the Gallatin Valley! Come join us at our first united banquet to learn more about the merger and to hear the amazing story of Pam Tebow.

The banquet will take place February 17th at The Commons at Baxter and Love. Click here for event details and ticket info.

Why are ZoeCare and St. Catherine's merging?

It means we will have a broader pro-life reach. With two locations in the valley, we can optimize ZoeCare’s strengths at reaching those in crisis and St. Catherine’s strengths of wrap-around care.


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