It's Black Friday and I'll give you one guess of what my wife had me doing this, not shopping. Rather I put up the Christmas lights.

First thing this morning she had me out on the ladder hanging up lights all over the house. I kind of felt like Clark Griswold when his father-in-law said "Those little lights are twinkling Clark..."

Needless to say, I only got part way done before having to call it a day and go to my real job.

It got me to thinking. What is the appropriate time to put up the Christmas decorations?

I know a few people that have had them up for over a week already. I can't do that. I have to get through one holiday before I can start the next. It's just how I am. In fact in some cases I can go until the event is almost there before I react to it.

My wife on the other hand is the balance of this situation. She likes to get things going early and celebrate for an extended period of time. Between the two of us we seem to find a happy medium.

When is it for you? When do you officially start the Christmas season?