We were talking back and forth this morning about Easter egg hunts.

Did your family do those for you when you were growing up? Mine did and they were epic.

I was the first kid born so for a few years I didn't have any competition for eggs. But, sure enough, a sister and a few cousins came along and everything changed.

My grandmother took great pride in the whole production. She even cooked a turkey and gathered the family for Easter just like everybody else does for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The hunts themselves were very well planned. Some eggs had candy inside of them. Some had some change. And one or two eggs contained pieces of paper with your bigger prizes on them. Of course, these were hidden the best. And my grandmother wouldn't tell us "hot or cold" when we were hunting. You just looked until you found it.

Then when I got older, my grandma would make each kids' eggs color specific. So I could only pick up the green ones, etc. And eventually, the little kids' eggs were in the front yard and the big kids in the back.

Fast forward to now, where I'm the dad, and hiding the eggs is now my job. I must have gotten a lot of my grandma in me because I hide my eggs pretty good. I know that they're hidden well because I usually find plastic eggs while I'm mowing the lawn in July and August.

Now that my daughter is 14 she will only look for eggs on her phone. There are a lot of Easter egg games in the app store. Heck, you can even color eggs on your phone and not have to make a giant mess in your kitchen anymore.

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