One of our sister stations hosts "Eat, Think, Drink Trivia" at the Stadium Club every Wednesday night starting at 8. Similar to Trivial Pursuit but a whole lot more fun because it involves teamwork and alcohol!

For a chance to win a bar tab and/or some Coors Light swag thanks to Briggs Distributing friends form teams to attempt to correctly guess the answers to 40 trivia questions broken into 4 rounds of 10 questions each. So instead of trying to beat your friends as with a board game you actually build some camaraderie with your buddies and you proceed (if you can) to trounce the collective brain power of the other teams in attendance.

Some teams have the brainpower of the characters on "Big Bang Theory" and others have enough brain power to lightly toast bread but the competition is usually fierce and the atmosphere is fun and irreverent. Even if you don't win you'll have a great time. See you next Wednesday at 8!

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