If you weren't born and raised in Great Falls like I was, you probably won't like the restaurants that I do. But I'd be willing to bet that you had restaurants in the town that you grew up in that I might not care for.

Let's start with the Fluffy Taco at The El Comedor. The El Comedor was first located on the corner of an establishment in Great Falls called The Pin & Cue. You could bowl or play pool, thus the catchy title.

My mom bowled on a league for many years and a lot of those nights my dad's band was playing somewhere, so they had to do something with my sister and me. They couldn't always get a babysitter, so we got to run wild around the bowling alley.

Now the El Comedor has its own building. Every year when I'm back for Christmas I run into multiple friends who moved away but still crave those fluffy tacos.

We actually had our own El Comedor here in Billings Heights. It was in a hotel as I recall. But they didn't do any advertising. And even though there are a lot of Great Falls people living here, it didn't make it.

The Taco Treat on Grand avenue originates from Great Falls. I also see a lot of my fellow GFers when I stop in for lunch.

Occasionally, I will get a message from a Facebook friend asking for the best places to eat and best touristy things to do while in Great Falls because the parents are going there for their kids' athletics.

I'm an unofficial spokesman, I guess.

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