When I was growing up, one of the biggest hits and one of my favorite songs on the radio was Dan Seals and Marie Osmond's "Meet Me In Montana."

My mom and I would sing our hearts out to this song as we drove into town and it would come on the radio.

Growing up in Idaho was nice but I could never really fully capture what this song meant until just a few years ago.

I left radio for a few years to drive truck not fully realizing the results it would have on my family and me. There were a lot of benefits but it was hard.

Hot Rod Thompson, Townsquare Media Billings
Hot Rod Thompson, Townsquare Media Billings

I had been on the road for a few weeks when I had a load I was bringing through Montana on my way to Utah. This had been the closest I had been to them in what seemed like forever. Missing my family was a very difficult feeling for me to deal with. Little did I know at the time, my family and I would be living under that big Montana sky in the near future.

As I traveled south of Butte on I-15 this song came on my radio. I began to get very emotional thinking about the time I was younger singing it with my mom and now wishing my family and wife could meet me here. I loved it but I was lonely. I needed my family here.

Looking at properties for possible home building sites made me realize something. I had my family under that big Montana sky. We are here and we are staying...together. This song is so true to us and I couldn't be more happier about that.

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