No clickbait here.  You can legitimately get unlimited coffee for five dollars a month right here in Billings.  What's the catch?  Well, there are two:

  1. You have to install an app
  2. The coffee is from Burger King

That second point isn't meant to be a slam on Burger King's coffee, but if you're a coffee snob who's accustomed to multi-thousand dollar machines prepping your coffee by a barista, I'm guessing you don't normally get your coffee from BK.

One of my brothers gets a minimum of three Starbucks coffees every day of the week.  Counting the tips and taxes, he's in for no less than $15 a day.  In other words, he spends a car payment worth of cash on coffee every month, but there is no way in Hell he would go for the sensible cheap coffee solution.  So, I acknowledge this isn't for everyone, but if you're looking for a cheaper way to get your fix, this might be it.

As a final thought, coffee at BK will typically set you back $1, so as long as you drink more than 5 a month, you'll come out ahead.

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