5 Items You Need To Be A Home Barista
After adding up how much money I was spending every month on "good coffee", it was time to invest in an espresso machine. If you enjoy a latte or dirty chai a couple times a week, one of these machines will pay itself off in less than 6 months.
How I Broke My Coffee Pot
It's that feeling you get when you know that it's too late to do anything about it. You know, like when you're being extremely careful to not strip the nut, then you strip it anyway?
Where Did My Coffee Go?
Guests, workers, and those craving caffeine in and around the downtown Billings DoubleTree Hotel, were greeted with a notice that Starbucks coffee is "closed" for an upcoming renovation.
Unlimited Coffee For Five Dollars a Month in Billings
One of my brothers gets a minimum of three Starbucks coffees every day of the week. Counting the tips and taxes, he's in for no less than $15 a day. In other words, he spends a car payment worth of cash on coffee every month, but there is no way in Hell he would go for the sensible cheap coff…
I Love Sunrise
I'm always happy when Friday rolls around. It means that I get to sleep in a little bit later than normal. And it means that I can watch the sun come up while I drink my coffee.
With the cooler weather, I have to bundle up a little bit while sitting on my patio, but it's worth it...
Distracted Driving Includes Drinking Coffee?
Montana does not have a statewide ban on "Distracted Driving", although some cities do have restrictions specifically relating to cell phone usage while behind the wheel. For the states that do have distracted driving laws, one woman recently learned that drinking a cup of coffee w…
Billings on a Caffeine High
Montana state loves it's much that we are willing to shell out six to seven bucks to get our caffeine fix.
Some cities in America, however, turn that their love of coffee into a frightening obsession. According to a new study, the cities that love their coffee the MOST per capita are…

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