It was very loud when it happened. It was on the front of every newspaper and magazine at the news stands. For a few days it was all over the TV. I am talking about the Paula Deen scandal.

The story broke after a court deposition was released that stated Deen had used racial slurs to workers in her restaurant and at a private party. A former employee of the Deen’s restaurant was bringing the lawsuit against the family.  She claimed sexual harassment and being subjected to racially offensive language and employment practices.

Funny, I read this morning that this suit was thrown out by a judge on Monday. Monday. And the story just made it into the papers this morning! Why? How?

This is a story that destroyed the career of a woman. Damaged her family. And within mere moments a Federal Judge in a District Court in Georgia slammed his gavel down and said “Dismissed”…almost as quickly as Paula Deens’ career was ruined.

I am not defending Paula Deen, I don’t know the facts of her use of language. Frankly, I don’t care. If we’re going to base someone’s career on the language they use - then we better look to some professional athletes. Ever sat close to an NBA or NFL game?

My problem is with the swift public justice that was handed out. I think it was wrong.

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