West Yellowstone is such a beautiful site to see. The drive, the pics, and the memories you make while there are all perks of the park. This couple got to see something that many people won't ever get to see and do not realize how cool it is until it happens. I grew up two miles from a buffalo farm so I know how beautiful Bison are AND how big! Although it may be common for some of us who are here all year, this is a once in a lifetime for this couple.

Broyles Outdoors uploaded this video and it's pretty funny how surprised how big they are! Check out their other video's HERE so you can see what other adventures they have been on.

Bison are always making the news and let's be honest, sometimes people are not so smart when it comes to wild animals as we have seen videos of people getting out of their vehicles. That typically doesn't work out for the best, so be smart and stay inside your vehicle, you have a phone that most likely has a camera on it, use the zoom and stay safe.

Photo by Richard Lee on Unsplash
Photo by Richard Lee on Unsplash

Montana has a huge Bison population so there is a good chance you will see them anytime you enter Yellowstone National Park from any of the entrances. If you have any videos you think are "upload" worthy send them in! I will be happy to share your excitement! We love a good animal video and sometimes the world needs a laugh and a smile.

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