"I wish I would've never sold my car in High school". "I should find one online and fix it up" That's a mistake.

Hello, friends, Uncle Mark here dispensing advice and saving you money in the process. Today's topic: I miss my old car.

You're lucky you don't still have it. If you still had it, and you've been out of high school for 20 plus years, than you would have had to had some place to park it all those years. And if it actually ran during those years, you'd have at least license plates and insurance to pay. Not to mention any other funds you may have diverted to the car.

I've got my car that I bought my senior year. And I had it gone through 20 years ago, and even then, it was pricey. Now days, unless you can do the body work yourself or just happen to be an expert engine rebuilder, it's just CRAZY expensive to fix up an old car.

And your project won't be done in a week like they do on tv. Yours could take years. And years.

So, take Uncle Mark's advice. Find your car somewhere on the old interweb, that already has every option and goodie that you want and then pay whatever is asking. You'll save time, money and possibly your marriage.

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