We had our digital managing editor gal come in today to ask a question about car maintenance so I gave her some advice. I started thinking about some of the most neglected maintenance things that should always be taken care of but are forgotten.

Tire pressure is very important, and people will go the whole life of a tire and never check it. That's the most important thing between your family and the road at 80 mph.

Chimney cleaning; no one likes to do it and it never enters the conversation, could cost you dearly.

Carbon monoxide detectors, everyone should have them because your furnace can go bad and no one ever checks those.

Your roof is another. Drive down Broadwater avenue and look at all the roofs that are in total disarray. That water is causing mold and mildew bad for your health and water damage is happening every time it rains.

How about your dryer vent? I'm not talking about the lint filter, I'm talking about the vent pipe going outside. The buildup of material there can be catastrophic. I never let my dryer run when I'm not home.

Don't forget your vitamins, your body needs them.

I know it sounds like I'm preaching but people take all necessary steps to make sure their phone is in top-notch condition and forget about everything else.

Find a good mechanic, a good home repair guy, and a good doctor, and your problems are handled when they come up. Hopefully not often.

See ya tomorrow at 5 a.m.

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