Okay, kids, here it is. A tour of my job. This photo was taken this morning.

Let's start on the left. The furthest left screen is for everything on air. The middle screen is songs, beds, and sound effects. The right screen is for checking my Facebook page and the hundreds of things that I look up daily.

Whats else is in here? Oh yeah, regular glasses and reading glasses.

One of our light bulbs is out. Shocking.

My note pad where I keep track of all things that pertain to the show. Sponsors, forecast, Facebook items to read at 7:20, and then my list of really important things that I'm doing today. You know, Costco, Scheels, Lobster Bisque Wednesday at Jake's.

Fortunately, I don't think you can blow up this picture up enough to see my terrible handwriting.

Other items pictured: my pack of sticky notes, my stuff on Bill Murray applying for a job at a fast food place that we didn't get around to today.

And on the very right is something with a cord coming out of the bottom of it. No idea what that is.

So, now you can see just how glamorous my job is.

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