If there is one thing I have learned after 30 years of working with the guys off and on (and there have been several things) is that you never know what you're going to find in the Cat Country Studio after the Flakes Mark & Paul leave.  This was today's lucky find.

If you have been following Wilson on the air and on his recent blog, a few days ago he was taking his Brisket off the grill and hot juice spilled on his food, giving him a super bad burn.

So he has to wear a different shoe on that foot so that it's more comfortable, or in this case no shoe, as I found it lurking around in the studio.

There were so many things I thought about doing, like hiding the shoe and playing innocent, sadly Wilson knows me to well and would know within 2.1 seconds I was lying.

I thought about drawing a frowning face on it, but didn't want him to kick my ass. (he would of course have to do it with his good foot)

Being the good understanding supportive friend I am, I just left it and went about my business.

One thing I did notice, it's not a Wilson brand.

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