This week marked the 10th anniversary of Waylon Jennings‘ death, and in celebration of his life and career, his family announced plans to release an album of unreleased material. ‘Goin’ Down Rockin’: The Final Recordings’ will be released sometime this year.

The AP reports that eight of the 12 songs have never been released before. They were cut by the singer shortly before his death. Shooter Jennings was just 22-years-old when his father died, and until recently he and his mother didn’t care to make a business of his legacy. The younger Jennings says it’s time for his dad to have a presence again.

“A lot of it is maybe where I am in my life, with my kids and everything,” he said. “I’m at a place where I really appreciate my dad and I really appreciate his part of my life and my kids knowing who he is even though he’d never met them. I felt like I’d grown into a place where it was time for me to take over getting his name back out there in the right way.”

In addition to the album — which was finished posthumously by Jennings’ regular studio musicians — the family is planning a biopic a la Johnny Cash‘s ‘Walk the Line’ and a clothing line featuring casual and high end wears. “There will be Waylon shirts next to the Cash shirts at Hot Topic, and our shirts will be cooler,” Shooter Jennings joked.

Waylon Jennings was just 64-years-old when he died from complications of diabetes in 2002.

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