I have worked at the top of this building since June 6, 1990, and have never seen a window get replaced up here. But that last windstorm finally propelled something at enough speed to shatter one of our north-facing windows. This made me think of many things.

First of all, I have never been outside our enclosure on a 4-foot wide path that runs around our studios. Secondly, I never PLAN to be out there! Also, I wonder how many miles I have ridden in the elevators here since 1990. Let's call it 240 feet from the ground to the 23rd floor, twice a day,  5 days a week times 220ish workdays per year times 32 years.

I get 439, 296,000 feet. Divided by 5280 feet in a mile. I got 83,200 miles.

And math was never my strongest subject.

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