We had a key piece of our phone system go down in the control room today, so we couldn't answer one, single call today.

And I was talking to my daughter recently about how, when I was twelve, we not only didn't have cell phones, we had one phone for the entire house and it was in the kitchen!

That's right. No messaging some cute gal that I liked. I had to call her house and ask whoever answered the phone if I could please speak with that young lady.

There was also no voice mail. Frightening, huh?

If you left a message, you needed a pen and piece of paper. Then, you'd BETTER let the person the message was for know as soon as you talked to them.

No Googling, no Alexa OR Siri! Just a landline and if you had siblings like I did, you all had to share it equally.

And it was cheaper to call long distance at night.

I know. We were cavemen back then.

I've got a thing on my IPhone that gives me my stats each week. Last week I only spent a total of twenty minutes on my phone talking to folks. Twenty minutes on my weather app and a very surprising one hour and twenty minutes using my camera.

I'll try to lower all of those stats this week. Hard to do when there is no golf to keep you busy.

And though it's not related, it just occurred to me that there are a TON of great songs with/about phone calls.

"Telephone Line" by ELO, "8675309" by Tommy Tutone, "Love On The Telephone" by Foreigner, "Telephone Man" by Meri Wilson, and "It's Me Again, Margret" by Ray Stevens.


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