Should I Switch From Android to iPhone?
I haven't really used Apple stuff since the Apple IIe, so it's been a while, but lately I find myself wondering if I should change from Team Android to Team Iphone. Honestly, I have no allegiance to Google, but at this point I'm heavily invested.
I've got a smartphone, but I certainly don't need one. The old flip phone worked just fine for me. But, my contract was up and my sales person was good, and the next thing I know, boom, smartphone owner.
So now, the new i-Phone SEVEN comes out today and people around the country are lining …
Why I Didn't Buy An iPhone
My old phone was an iPhone. It was 4 years old and that's ancient by today's standards. So I went to the phone store and got a new phone. And I chose a different brand this time. And it's completely because Apple wouldn't cooperate with the FBI when they wouldn't unlock the …
Soon the iPhone Will Do Your Work For You
Okay, I realize the headline sounds a bit ridiculous BUT the iPhone can do so much more now than anyone ever anticipate... except maybe for Steve Jobs himself.
Case in point, I was at a local store that sold mac products and spotted the newest software for the iphone that helps you improve your golf …
An Old School Phone For Your New School Phone
From the crusty old man wing of Cat Country 102.9... Some things I will never understand. On the way to Harper & Madison for lunch today I took this picture. My friends spent real cash money on this puke green contraption. Why would somebody pay hundreds of dollars for an iPho…

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