Never too old to learn new tricks -- even if you have an iPhone 7.

So this morning I learned how to take a screenshot of something on my phone. You may recall I did an article about a year ago about how many photos and videos I had on my phone. At the time it was about 90. I was totally freaked out by how many some of you had on your phone. I'm thinking, what the hell do you people do all day and how can you remember what you have taken pictures of?


Anyway here is my update. I learned that your phone breaks them into categories. My largest category is the photos that I have deleted, if they're no good they get deleted. I have 36 videos of all farm stuff. Seven selfies and I don't know why that number is that high.14 live photos and I don't even know what that is. One portrait. Two long exposures and three screenshots -- now that I learned how to do that this morning.

I thought that was it until I scrolled down and found a couple more categories. There is a category for imports and I had 38. That lost me so I had to click on it to see what that was. Just more farm pictures; but I took them so I have no clue why they call that an import. I have zero hidden and the largest number of all falls in the recently deleted column with 56.

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That is the extent of my history of seven years of photo taking. As you can see I got better things to do as is evident in my import category.

See ya tomorrow at 5 a.m.

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