It never fails. Or should I say, it always fails.

Whenever Apple makes an announcement about a new iPhone, it's within minutes that my current iPhone starts to crash. Suddenly I'm having issues that didn't happen before they started hyping their 'best yet' and 'latest and greatest.' Is it coincidence that my phone starts dying with 30% power remaining right as I read reviews about the new iPhone XS having an incredible battery. I'm supposed to believe that my phone is now randomly crashing on the same day they're advertising how much easier my life would be if I just upgrade to a new one?

I realize my 6s+ is now basically a flip-phone with yet another generation of iPhone about to be released. But you know the NEXT latest and greatest iPhone XSS+ Bonus Gold Super is coming in 2019. And that's the phone I'm waiting for.  Until that time, if my phone goes right to's dead.

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