We're featuring an 8-year old Boxer Mix for Wet Nose Wednesday. This is Fern, and she's available for adoption at the Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter.
Here's what Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter has to say about Fern:
Sweet lady Fern.. gosh she is the best. This older gal has got quite the tough dog bark on her – but it’s all for show, she doesn’t have a single mean bone in her body. She enjoys the company of other dogs, and wouldn’t mind putting her wise years into helping you raise your little ones! Fern is very in tune to her person’s emotions. If you’re stressed out or having a bad day expect Fern’s big noggin to rest on your leg, asking for pets and comforting you. She knows her basic commands, plus “shake” which she will gladly do for payment of treats!
UPDATE: Coco, the 5-month old mini-shepherd mix, found her FURever home.
Coco - Adopted
To find out more about Fern, visit Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter, or CLICK HERE.
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