We got to talking fast food this morning and our favorite places to get it. I'm sort of picky/very much a creature of habit.

First of all, I'll classify my regular places. 1's are the places I go the most. 2's are not as often. and 3's are places that I don't get to often, but still like the food.

My lunch "1's" are Wendys, Taco Johns, Taco Treat, & Subway.

My lunch "2's" are Kings Hat and Torres Cafe.

My lunch "3's" are 5 Guys & Fries, Burger Dive, Montana Jacks (chicken fingers), & Rendezvous Burger Grill.

Now I want to know what places do I not know about for good, cheap lunches in Billings. Help a hungry brother out, won't you?


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