For most of you that truly know me, I generally don't rant on social media or in my blog very often. However, today will be a little different.

Let me ask this question: If your child attends classes in School District 2 and they eat hot lunch, would you be upset or confused if the lunch lady didn't let your child eat lunch?

Let me set the stage for you.

A child goes to have lunch, knowing she has money in her lunch account because she recently put some money in there. She does not, however, know how much at this point.

Child types in code and computer beeps, declining the charge.

Lunch lady tells the child she is 60 cents short in her account to be able to buy said lunch.  Child says she will bring it tomorrow.

Now before you all get busy posting about how she was 60 cents short, this is not the first time this has happened and not just to her. Other students have occasionally short in their accounts, too.

Well, back to the story.

After the child tells the lunch lady that she will bring it tomorrow, lunch lady says, "I'm sorry," and reaches over and takes the lunch out of the child's hand.

Here is where I get confused.

Couldn't the lunch lady let her eat lunch so she would not go hungry and allow her to bring the 60 cents the next day?

Couldn't the lunch lady have suggested that the child get something that the balance in her account would cover?

Couldn't they have given her a peanut butter sandwich? I know they do that when kids don't have money in their accounts or are short.

Thank God one of the child's teachers noticed something was wrong and came to that child's rescue.  God bless that teacher for being human.

Neither the school's assistant principal or the head of the lunch room could be reached for comment.

Here is one of the many questions I have.

What did the lunch lady do with that lunch she took from the child?

She can't give it to the next child, as each child picks their own lunch based on what they want to eat that day.  To say nothing about whether it would even be sanitary and within food safety guidelines. Did she throw it away?

If indeed she threw it away, does that make any sense?

You'd rather have food waste over a 60-cent deficit and let a child go hungry while at school, instead of letting that child bring the 60 cents the next day?

As if this wasn't enough to drive one's blood pressure up, you get a letter from the principal of that school asking you to help out with a staff appreciation event.

The event is to show the staff (lunch lady included) how much they are appreciated and how great they are.

They want the parents to volunteer their time to help serve, make a dessert, a salad, donate a door prize or send money for the main dish.

Don't get me wrong, there are many, many great people within the school district, that 's not what my bitch is.

What would the first lady of the United States say about making a child go hungry at school?

What are your thoughts?

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