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I guess that I shouldn't be surprised that America is headed in this direction, but nobody can seem to get enough restaurant employees. So, now, they have begun building fast food restaurants that you won't be allowed inside of. Seriously. They are installing "digital kitchens". Ya, I know. I had to Google it too.

Digital kitchens are more streamlined and designed to better serve the modern customer. So you'll order on a touch screen or through their app. And the "drive-thru" lane will now become the "digital pick-up" lane.

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Follow The Yellow Painted Line, Dorothy

There will be signage to tell you what to do to get your food. And that will be by grabbing it out of a "food locker". I read all of this in an article about a new Whataburger Restaurant they built in San Antonio.

But remember, you can't go inside because there isn't a dining room. And there will be a few actual real people to talk to if you have trouble with your order.

I know that the Taco Treat in Helena has been a drive-thru only since the pandemic. But that wasn't technology-driven. That was just not being able to find enough employees to be able to serve people in the dining room.

Is A Chair Too Much To Ask For?

And I'm a sit-down-and-eat sort of guy. Not that I don't eat my fair share of food behind the wheel. But if I have a choice, I'd rather sit down for a meal.

Modern Mark

And I used to be more afraid of the technology. But I ordered from a screen at a McDonald's in the Heights and got my lunch exactly the way I wanted it.

So, if I can figure it out, you'll be fine.

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