Had a cheap lunch out at COR enterprises today and since there are likely plenty of people who don't know anything about this organization, I thought I'd share. COR's primary goal is to provide training and employment opportunities to people with various disabilities. There's a little more to it than that these days, so if you want the in depth version, I suggest clicking here and reading the "About" page on their site.

Even those who have a basic understanding about the organization might not realize COR has a kiosk serving various sandwiches, soups, baked goods, coffee and other beverages.  The proceeds of course help the organization and it's also a learning opportunity for some of their trainees.  The food is good, low cost and supports a great local organization, so if it's in your area, you might consider adding it your lunch options.

You'll find the kiosk in the parking lot of the COR building at 2121 Lampman Dr. in Billings

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