Perhaps more famous then the actual actors themselves, was the car driven by Burt Reynold's character Bo Darville the "Bandit". We got a call this morning from a woman who had claimed they had a car for sale that was the same car that Jackie Gleason's character Sheriff Buford T. Justice. We decided to do some digging around the Internet to see exactly what kind of cars they were driving.

Bo Darville The "Bandit"

Well it turns out there is some debate raging across the Internet about whether or not Burt Reynolds was driving a 1976 or a 1977. But there was never any doubt to the model. Burt cruised through the movie inside a Pontiac Trans Am, with the now iconic Black and Gold paint scheme.


Sheriff Buford T. Justice

What's The Bandit with out being chased by the Sheriff? Of course Buford had to have something that could almost keep up with the Bandit as they raced across several states. The Sheriff's vehicle was a 1977 Pontiac LeMans.

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