I want to thank my buddy Rob Kovatch for making me aware of an event that I should have known about but didn't.

If you've listened to us through the years, then you know what a huge fan I am of "Smokey and the Bandit". I've seen it literally hundreds of times. So often that I can tell you what every character's next line in the movie is.

That's why I should've already known about an event called "The Bandit Run".

This year marks the 45th anniversary of the release of the movie. And this event invites anybody with a Trans Am to come to Texarkana, Texas. (Where Bandit and Snowman had to go get 400 cases of Coors beer). Every five years they celebrate both the movie and the car.

They start in Texarkana and then head to Atlanta, but they go a little slower than Burt Reynolds did.

In an interview about the movie, Burt Reynolds said that the movie increased sales of that style of Trans Am by 700%. Because back in those days you didn't have very many choices in sports cars to buy. He also said that Pontiac gave Burt a new Trans Am every year for several years because they were so appreciative.

Also the TV show "Fast & Loud" built a modern-day replica of both the car and the semi from the movie. And had Burt Reynolds autograph the glove box door.

So, add one more item to my bucket list. The Bandit Run.

Now I just have to buy myself a Trans Am and find a gal to call "Frog".

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