Well, now that we are officially "post covid", has your family gone back to cooking more at home or have you continued to go out to eat? I'm hearing that more people are letting somebody else do the cooking more than ever. Even if you just swing into Godfathers, they did the cooking. But you'll take it home for the family to eat. So, technically, you're not eating out.

And I've seen ads from Albertsons and Cracker Barrel where they will cook complete holiday meals for you and your family. Just tell us how many you're going to feed. Pick it up. Then heat it up. And instant delicious meal with minimal effort. And if you're like me, you hide all the bags that the food comes in and take full credit for all of the hard work that everybody thinks that you put in to get dinner on the table.

I grew up spoiled during the holidays. My folks divorced when I was pretty young. That was the bad part. The good parts included getting presents from Mom. Then opening gifts at dads house. And then when both remarried, you had additional grandparents buying presents.

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And everybody that just got mentioned put on amazing holiday meals. They all did a turkey. But the side dishes were different at each house we went to. And then, on top of that, we had leftovers like crazy. And I'm one of those people that can eat turkey and mashed potatoes for weeks.

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