These hideous tubors aren't very appetizing in this form, but that's nothing a couple of sticks of butter, various sugars, flour, eggs, pecans, cinnamon, cream cheese, and pretzels can't fix. Sweet Potato Casserole is typically on my Easter menu and since I seem to be obsessed with writing about food lately, I thought I'd round out the week with yet another thing to "put some lead in your breeches" as my dad would say.

Hopefully, I can update this post with a picture of the finished product on Easter Sunday, since I couldn't find one that I can legally post here. I will also need to place a call to my stepmom, Joyce, and get her recipe.  She's given it to me no less than 20 times, but I always manage to lose it since I only eat this side dish 3 times a year.  Any more than that, I imagine someone would need to cut me out of my house at some point.

Feel free to share your favorite holiday sides in the comments below.


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