After what I just read, I'm thinking we could stand to have a few more ranchers in Montana.  It's been suggested for many years that with the rate of population growth, traditional livestock is not a sustainable option to feed the planet.  This seems pretty logical, but one of the proposed solutions is a little on the gross side.

A meat scientist professor at the University of Queensland is suggesting we look to more sustainable forms of proteins like maggots, locusts and other insects.  I know that for some cultures (and Bear Grylls) this is perfectly normal, but for me...not so much.  In fact, if we ever reach a point where that's the only option, I'll be taking a much harder look at this whole Vegan thing.

If you're not grossed out enough and want to read more about the possible "McMaggot Deluxe" on the future Mickey D's menu, check out the article here.

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