I love the Billings Heights. I have been told that if it were its own city, it would be the fifth-largest city in Montana. I have also been told that 40,000 cars are on that street every day. And some days I would think that the number is even higher.

Now, we are going through an extensive repaving project. Several places already have a lane blocked off. And some have the great big flashing arrows. I enjoy watching the drivers who don't look ahead in traffic and nearly have to lock their brakes up to get stopped before they run into it.

Currently, we only have four sets of traffic lights in the heights. That is probably going to have to change. Three of those are at busy intersections, and the one in front of Wendy's was, I'm guessing, installed for getting folks out of the old County Market who wanted to be able to turn south after getting their groceries. Now that light is great for those of us that want to go north after we get a number two combo at Wendy's. (No tomato or mayo on mine please.)

I'm always glad when the heights adds ANY business. But how in the world are customers going to get in and out of the new Topz Sandwich Company location?

That is a pretty tiny parcel of land and getting more than few cars in there at the same time will be a trick.

I know that folks can come in the back way through the Tippy Cow parking lot. But many times that place is hopping and there are no parking places. People are standing on the grass waiting for a table

I'm glad that we get another option for food. But I'll get mine delivered.

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