Road Construction

Don't forget Zimmerman construction starts Monday. There will be delays on highway 3 with slower speeds at that intersection. I know, put a quarter in the cuss jar and please move forward.
Montana Department Of Transportation App
Zimmerman Trail is closed until November. The west Laurel Interchange is down to one lane in places.
And if you're traveling, you should download the Montana Department Of Transportation App. It shows all road construction, state wide; It also shows road incidents...
Zimmerman Trail
In case you haven't heard, Zimmerman Trail is now closed to vehicles through mid-November. Although, pedestrians and bike riders can still use it.
But, the part I like is now you can sign up to get updates on the project, Call 1-800-838-9844 or text "hwy3zimmerman" to 555888 an…
Putting People Out Of Business
Let me start by saying that I don't have the solution to this problem. I saw the story on Q-2 last night where The Athlete's Foot shoe store is closing it's doors because the road construction on Grand Avenue has taken so long.
This isn't a new problem...