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  • I started off the week with three rounds of golf in a row. And another one to follow today at 12:44. Fore!
  • It was great to see so many folks turn out Thursday at Casino 8 to get signed up to win our trip. Thanks to Katie & Travis for hosting a great evening. Next Thursday we will be at Pharm406 from 5-7p.m.
  • I hear that they are talking about making several one-way streets in downtown Billings to two-way streets. If this should happen, please put up big flashing signs so I don't cause a major traffic disaster. I'm currently still working on what to do at the yellow flashing arrows. Go? Don't go? Gun it and hope for the best? I'm confused.
  • Alongside all of the questions about our trip to the all-inclusive Secrets Akumal Resort, I got a lot of questions about all of the political ads that are running right now. If I could tweak how the ads are done, I'd have candidate A get the first thirty seconds to make their point on an issue. Then Candidate B would get to make a rebuttal. In the next commercial, Candidate B goes first. I honestly have no idea how many of the claims made by any candidate is 100% accurate. And I already know how I'm voting.
  • Apparently, I'm going to have to tune in to "Restaurant Impossible" when they air the episode that they shot this last week at Don Louis, which is right by our hotel. #finallygotourparkingback.

Please continue to be aware of fire. It's super dry again.

Have a great weekend. We are back at 5 a.m. Monday.

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