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In the movie "Silverado" Kevin Kline's character Paden says "I love a good saloon, and I know what I'm talking about."

First off, "Silverado" is one of my favorite movies. Secondly, I'm trying to remember the bar where I used to go and if somebody bought a round for the bar, you got to ring their bell. Which got me to thinking about writing about what makes people go the bars that they go to the most.

For me, it's partly the employees. I know lots of friendly servers and those are the people that I want to give my tip money to. And also, because of my age and partial hearing loss, I don't go to places where the music is too loud. And most of the bars I go to at this point in my life usually serve steak.

I like the view of the city from the top deck at the 406 Tap Room. I like the view from the patio at Cowboys in Huntley. I may have spent entire summers outdoors on the patio at Tiny's Tavern.

And as I get to thinking about outdoor dining, our Flakes trip two years ago had a group dinner out on the beach in front of our resort. In fact, most of our trips have something that stands out because of the scenery.

But, I got off track there. My question is which bar or bars do you pick and why?

And by saying which bars you like, we won't label you a "problem drinker" or "raging alcoholic". Not to your face anyway.

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