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Today's rambling is inspired by a Facebook memory that popped up about a heck of a party we had four years ago in my back yard.

It was a combination of my girlfriend's birthday, her dad's retirement, and the fact that we hadn't had anybody over for a BBQ all year. All fabulous reasons, I thought.

And it's a couple of things; first, parties are different as you get older, and secondly, how much do people drink?

As an older party person, my parties are a little bit more about the featured menu items and playing croquet at some point. Also, we don't even TRY to stay up until the sun comes up. If you're at my house at sundown, then I have failed at my job. I need to go to bed.

As far as drinking, I'm very honest about mine when people ask me, which always seems to put a funny look on people's faces. I was at a grocery store recently and bought two thirty packs of Coors Light. The checker said "Are you having a party?" I said "No. I'm a raging alcoholic and I'll probably drink most of this in your parking lot before I leave." I don't think she thought I was funny.

Where I'm at in my life now, I don't feel the need to do as much prep work as I used to. No more big tents from Party Time Plus, no badminton net, and no coolers that hold JUST water or JUST sodas or JUST beer.

And croquet is easy to set up so I go with that one.

Hope to see you at a party soon.

Drinking With Mark 101


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