The 27th street striping is just about completed and I was looking out the window trying to figure out what the hell happened across from the Courthouse. Did they just not have enough road for another lane or what?

Why would they leave extra room?

There is a double yellow line there with it getting wider as you approach the intersection. Why didn't they just make the lanes northbound wider so trucks could make the turn easier? Now we have this empty space in the middle that can't be used for anything. I guess they could pile snow there on a big snow year but that's about it. There's no bike lane there, so it's just wasted space, I guess.

If you missed us this morning...

Some of today's topics include how dope can be considered recreational in Billings but fireworks are not. The activities on the 4th are recreational. Barbecues, darts, horseshoes, picnics, homemade ice cream etc., now we can add dope smoking to that. Remember though, we do not have recreational fireworks yet for the city. Too dangerous.

News coverage of drug activity is still concerning

I recommend that you folks read the article in the Yellowstone County News about the drug forum that was held last week with experts from the DEA and border patrol. It's an eye-opener that will have you scratching your head on why we've made drug use recreational. Read over and over the part about middle school girls using LSD, putting money in their mailbox, and having the dealers put it in the box for them. Let's just keep emphasizing to our youth how smoking pot is recreational and it will pay dividends down the road. I just worry about the message we send to our youth I guess. See ya tomorrow at 5.

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