I think that we've all got a friend or two who is the last one to grab the check when you're all out for lunch or drinks. And when you're a tightwad friend of mine, you get ridiculed.

One of my favorite buddies will always announce, "A separate check for me, please" before he gives his order to whoever is waiting on us. Even if the rest of us have picked up the entire tab for the last several gatherings. He's got money. He's just "thrifty" or as we call him, "tight."

One of my favorite tightwad stories happened while about a dozen of us were having beers at a local bar. Eleven of us took our turn buying a beer for every one. One gentleman did not. So, the waitress comes back a few minutes later and asks if we would like another round. I said, "Yes, bring a beer for everybody except that guy who can't get his wallet out of his pants."

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Everybody laughed. And he doesn't skip his turn any more.

We had a guy about a dozen years ago call in and tell us that he was looking to pick up a set of cheap golf clubs. He was checking Craigslist not caring about brand names or condition. Just price. He called us back when he found the perfect set. He bought used clubs from another individual because the seller threw in some used golf shoes that were the right size. Gross.

So friends, my message to you is to treat yourself every once in a while or else your friends will make fun of you.

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