Earlier this week I mentioned how much I love mid-century modern furnishings. The funky "Mad Men" style from the 60's was what I consider a high point in furniture design. Herman Miller, Charles and Ray Eames, Arne Jacobsen are just a few of the designers from the time whose masterpieces live on in homes all across America. If you're lucky enough to find a piece designed by one of the big names it usually comes with a big price tag but sometimes you can find a bargain which is why I troll thrift stores and garage sales. Even if it's not a big name, knockoffs from that era can sell for almost 50% of the original if it's well made.

Recently I found a modern office chair from the early 70's designed by David Rowland whose chairs can go for upwards of $500 (mine is worth about $50 but I bought it for $6.50) and last year I found this cool filing cabinet that when you drop the top down converts into a desk. It's a Sears, Roebuck and Co. Tower brand 50's era piece that the wife of a friend of mine says reminds her of something similar her dad used to use when he was in the Air Force. I paid $45 for it and have since only found one other like it anywhere online... that owner had altered it by adding a handle (effectively ruining it) and they wanted $185 so who knows what it's worth? It's pictured below.


So yesterday I was at St. Vincent's Thrift Store on the corner of Montana and 27th St. and found this cocktail table with matching end tables which you can see behind it (pictured at top). They wanted $55 for the table and $35 each for the end tables. It's made from walnut which is excellent wood for furniture because of it's hardness and grain. Only high end furniture is made from walnut anymore. I tried to talk them down to $75 for the set but they wouldn't budge because it had just arrived. They were smart because when I went back today to buy the set it was gone. That leads me to my point... if you find something at a thrift store or a garage sale that is unique and stands out (and more importantly that you like it) then buy it before someone else does.

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