I have been battling a cold for the last few days, and yes it is a cold. I'm not a doctor, though somedays act like I am, it's a simple cold and not the dreaded C word...COVID.

Remember the days when the dreaded C word was cancer? Now it seems to be replaced with COVID.  As I have been working from home, it's given me more time to have the TV running in the background and also a social media stream running as I work, building proposals for clients, handling calls, and jumping on zoom meetings. Here's what I've noticed. First, daytime TV sucks, well not all of it, but shows like The Talk and the disastrous faux show The View, my gosh such hateful women and nine times out of ten their hate is directed at other women. Simply mind-boggling.

I have also been thinking a lot about this election, yep, I went there, the dreaded election that is looming over us. I love how talking heads use the words and phrases like "looming," or "a dark day in history" and so forth.  You'd think we were headed for Armageddon. Seriously, drama queens, let's all calm down. We have been through tough times before. If Biden wins, conservatives will expect the worst, but they will adjust, just like they did under eight years of Biden as the VP.

If Trump wins reelection, Katy bar the door. The left will spend the next four years making our lives hell. I find it so frustrating that we can't as a human race be more understanding of others' points of view. have several friends and family who don't believe the things that I do, but do I love them any less? No. They are entitled to their opinions. Here's the bottom line: vote. Vote your beliefs and conscience. Know why you are voting the way you're voting and by all means, once you've voted, stand by your vote no matter how it turns out.  I also believe if you don't take the time to vote, you don't have the right to complain.

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