Will you start masking up? AGAIN? The new omicron variant has everyone excited again about masks, boosters, and new vaccines. I'm to the point where I'd rather get it than go through all of that again.

It's time to put that responsibility on the individual and not penalize the rest of society. If you are not healthy stay out of public places, wear a mask, and get as many shots as you need, but don't penalize the rest of the people who want to live a normal life.

They are trying now to come up with a new vaccine for this new variant and then will want everyone to get THAT one. What about the "My body, my choice" thing? That's big right now. It's my shoulder and I have a right to do with it what I want.

In fact, instead of a protest where everyone wears a vagina on their head, we should have one where we all wear a shoulder on our head. Keep your hands off of our shoulders.

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These are our vaccination rights guaranteed by the constitution right? What would happen if we went to Dr. Fauci's home and set up a protest there? Would Chuck Schumer and Nancy support that protest? Would Merrick Garland call in law enforcement to break that one up?

Remember my shoulder, my choice. People have the option of wearing a condom or not to prevent pregnancies so we ought to have the same choice with a mask. If I get COVID-19 I'll worry about it later, right?

See ya tomorrow at 5 a.m.

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