When the weather is cooperating, we've got some great spots to go for a bike (bicycle) ride. Honestly, up until very recently, I had no interest in riding a bicycle. I gave up my bike when I started driving at age 15. In fact, when I see an adult on a bicycle, I usually assume they have gotten a DUI or something. Now I realize, that not only is it good for you, it's actually a very enjoyable thing to do. If you have young kids, they'd probably love a nice family bike ride.

So far, Norm's is my best spot to ride. It's close; I don't have to deal with traffic, and the scenery is great. For those experienced cyclists out there, feel free to share some spots that are appropriate for both my kid's age and my physical fitness level...in other words, no traffic and no steep hills.

We don't get too many months of perfect cycling weather, so do yourself a favor and get out there!

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