Thanks to a post by Jay Burns on Facebook this morning, showing an old bike. it jolted my memory of my old "Aerobee Stingray".

It was beautiful. Handlebars that looked like they belonged on a chopper motorcycle. Black seat with a twin yellow pinstripe. And my folks let me take both fenders off right away, so I looked like a total rebel. (Or so I thought)

It had a large front sprocket so it was better at top end speed than any other kids bike in the vicinity of Riverview 5 West and Division Road. Faster than Mike Lukers, Joey Cauoetts, and even Bobby McGregors.

And, at the height of the "Evel Knievel Snake Canyon Jump" craze, it's the bike I got in huge trouble for attempting to jump 5 of the neighbor kids with. Moms over react sometimes. Totally could've made it.

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