As I scroll through Facebook on Veterans Day, I see many people who are changing their profile pictures to one from their uniformed days. I see many posting pictures of family members who served, and many "thank you" messages sent to those who are serving, or have served in the past.

I am lucky because I can call my Dad and tell him happy Veterans Day. Later this month I will wish him a happy 79th birthday. His brother, my uncle Bill, is a different story. Bill never returned home from Vietnam. His daughter posted the picture above back on Father's Day with a note saying, "Happy Fathers Day to my Dad!!! William Edgar Edwards... You were an amazing man from what everyone has told me." It made me stop to think about how lucky I am that my dad made it home and how sad it is for many that her father didn't.

I hope that today, in addition to expressing your gratitude to the soldiers who are still with us, you take a moment to remember those who are not. We owe them a debt that we can never repay.

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