I, like most everyone else I know, will enjoy a day off work for Memorial Day.  Typically, I do some sort of family gathering that centers around food and some summer time activities like a backyard bar-b-q, a game of horseshoes, etc.

I will, however, take the time to pay some respect to my Uncle Bill.  He was one of the many young soldiers who did not return from Vietnam.  My dad and my uncle Wayne are also Vietnam veterans and both thankfully made it home alive.

Even though my dad spent 42 months in Vietnam while serving in the Marine Corps, he doesn't talk about it much.  On one occasion, I can remember him telling me that my uncle (his older brother, Bill) had been killed by a landmine.  He had to identify the remains.  I have never gone through anything like that, so I can't even imagine what that must've been like.

I call my dad every Veteran's day to thank him for his service.  For Memorial Day - I remember my Uncle Bill.  The man I never met because he died in service to his country.  Taking a moment to remember him and appreciate his sacrifice seems the least I can do.

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