I love where I work and I try not to take for granted my paid time off and health benefits sine I've worked for places who didn't offer either of those things, but I have to say that I'm a little jealous of the Basecamp employees.  I'm not talking about the Base Camp store here in Billings, but the web development company called Basecamp.

In addition to their $6,600 annual vacation stipend, they also get a four day work week during the summer months (because, you know, tech geeks love to go out into the sun).

Other benefits include:

  • $130 a month for home massages and fresh fruit
  • 16 weeks for parental leave (not just maternity leave...dads get this one too)
  • Tenured sabbaticals every three years

Sounds great to me!  My dad would probably say something like, "Back in my day, you got 12 cents an hour and you were happy with that.", but I say...if they're offering, I'll take it.

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