Here is my quick answer to, "Who is haunting the Moss Mansion?" Nobody. It's still strange to me when I encounter adults who are certain there are ghosts walking the earth. I have professed my disbelief in such things on several occasions and had people defend the existence of ghosts up to the point of yelling at me.

Let me go on record as saying that I would love to see a ghost. A ghost, a demon, a leprechaun, a unicorn or any other mythical creature would make me question everything that I believe. Yet, I still doubt that I will ever see anything inexplicable in my lifetime.

As for the Moss Mansion, there are rumors of various ghosts of the Moss family roaming the hallways; primarily the young girl, Virginia, who died in the house shortly after her sixth birthday. There are also reports of Preston Moss being seen descending the stairs and even an EVP recording of him, or some other male ghost, demanding a flashlight. I would love it if this would happen to me. I would not only bring Preston a flashlight, I'd say, "Hey Press, what's it like being dead? What do you do all day? How come you're not in Heaven? Is it that whole camel through the eye of a needle thing?"

I'm considering contacting the Montana Paranormal Research Society to see if I could accompany them on one of their ghost hunting missions. I would love to see the world as being a little more magical.

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