Today's article will document some of the more interesting folks that I've worked with while being at the same radio station for more than 34 years. There were some good ones and some not so much.

Let's start with the good. Our first general manager was a man named Keith Tilkens. He was one of the kindest humans that you would ever meet. And he was the guy who bought the big inflatable cat that we used to blow up at remotes and special events. And he did it without getting approval from his boss. Our cat was the first of many, many inflatables other radio stations that followed bought. Now those are mostly at car dealerships.

We had great sellers like Karen Black, Susy Paddock, Dennis Reno, Sue Robison, Linda Simonsen, and Clark Fletcher.

Now some of the not so good. And I'm not using names mostly because I can't remember them.

Let's see. We had a couple of fellas smoking pot at work back in the day. They got fired of course. And we had a few drinkers too. One receptionist got caught with a bottle of vodka in her desk. She couldn't believe that she was being fired. She apparently needed a little nip a couple of times each day to "take the edge off".

I guess answering phones was stressful.

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But my all-time favorite odd coworker was the guy who would always take the day of Elvis Presley's birthday off from work. It was his way to honor "The King".

Then, this same dude was getting married. And instead of having a bridal registry at a department store, he wanted us all to give him cash so he could build a fence at his house. Which must've been located in Loserville.

And I'm sure that I'm forgetting one or two that have come and gone over all these years.

What kind of coworkers do you remember from the past? Any characters?

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